Monday, April 14, 2008

The wedding is around the corner!

June 12th is quickly approaching. What is June 12 you ask? My wedding day! Oh, it's Ryan's day too! We're finally going to have a little beach wedding/celebration which is what I've always envisioned for myself. And, what better place than cabo!? As most of you know, Ryan and I married in Tahoe almost two years ago. It was impromptu and took everyone, including us, by surprise. This is finally an opportunity for us to celebrate with our family and friends. We are both very excited about renewing our vows and seeing the family.

Cabo is a fun playground for the eternal child in me. My friends, Leah and Greg, will be there and my family too! My mom, step dad, brother and a few Tio's and Tia's will help us celebrate. Sadly, I won't get a chance to see my nephews or my sister-in-law but for good reason. Jyll (my sis-in-law) will be close to, if not, 8months pregnant with my third nephew. Yes, I'm going to be an Auntie again! She cannot travel with the little bundle just yet but we'll see them soon hopefully.

I ordered my dress and it's lovely. At least, I think it is and I love it. I have taken quite a big chance because I ordered it off the web. I couldn't resist. Ryan already has his beach attire; linen pants and a linen shirt for the wedding. My mom and I made all of the bouquets and boutonnieres for the event this last weekend. We used high quality silk flowers which won't wilt in the summer sun. Things are moving right along. More on this later!

Pic below is us...Thanksgiving 2007

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Jyll said...

Too bad me and the kiddos can't be there. It'll be fun and I always love going to Cabo!